Am I lucky?

Gerard Thijsen - ArubaAm I lucky? That is the question many asked when they learned that I was going to Cuba to participate in an EcoMaterials Conference. Of course at that moment we referred to the opportunity to travel and know other cultures and countries.

By Gerard Thijsen, Aruba

Really I am not just lucky, I am very lucky. Beginning with the journey itself, I was able to get the last seat on the airplane and that was one month before. As well, the dates of the conference coincided with the week provided by the university to prepare for final exams.

Although time usually time does not cooperate when we have much to do, in one way or another I did manage to study all the material for my final exams and prepare everything so that I would only have to review when I returned.

My luck has been the following. As a student in the last year of construction engineering studies at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to be at the hotel with a group of engineers and architects, writers of books. For someone about to graduate and lacking experience their achievements seemed impossible, but it became evident that it was through years of hard work and engagement that these people had achieved so much.

While most of the conference participants only had the opportunity to listen to their presentations, there were moments when I had the opportunity to talk with them about many things related to their wealth of experience.


During these days of sharing with all the people at the conference has opened up, or better said, it has revealed new paths.

Returning to the original question “Am I lucky”, I cannot simply say yes, I am fortunate to have been able to participate in such a conference. Luck I will have if I reach an advanced age and can see that children can play in a world that is not totally contaminated. Only then could I say that I am lucky.


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Topography Engineer, Spain
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