Reconstruction cooperation after the earthquake in Nepal

Cooperación después del terremoto en Nepal

Ramon Gonzalez, an architect from EcoSur Nicaragua, travelled around the globe to help a local initiative to plan and build a school in the mountains of Nepal. The village of Bhorle in the Langtang national park was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake last April. The German NGO “Gecotec” has asked the EcoSur network to provide a specialist to plan and build a new primary school, using local materials.


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Rebuilding Haiti

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Ideen zum Wiederaufbau in Haiti

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Paul Moreno A.
Spanish, English, German
Quality assurance, processes standarization
Chemical / food processes
Communications Officer - EcoSur webmaster
Customer service representative

Peter Dunckley
South African, English, Afrikaans
Housing delivery services, project proposals, budgeting



The Customer Service Centre has a new phone number:

 (++ 593.9) 92 585847


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MicroConcrete Roofing Tile machine
The tevi model TM5 may works with a 12V inverter or with solar panels or a car batery, by itself. A well trained, 2-people team, can produce up to 350 tiles per day
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