Edition #17, December 2005

Cuban cooking for eco-loco scientists

Arroz CongríWhen a group of colleagues from Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Guatemala, asked Liván from Cuba about the ingredients of congrí rice, and he spoke to us of the binders to unite the rice and beans, we became aware how much science had penetrated our minds. Thus, we would like to share with the technicians an experiment based upon this tasty dish that yielded most satisfactory sensorial results.

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Am I lucky?

Gerard Thijsen - ArubaAm I lucky? That is the question many asked when they learned that I was going to Cuba to participate in an EcoMaterials Conference. Of course at that moment we referred to the opportunity to travel and know other cultures and countries.

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Bright young people will guarantee the future

Savia nuevaIn the corridors and salons of the Bolivar Convention Center experience of many years of working with EcoMaterials came together with the thirst of a younger generations of students and researchers.

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A “O” Watt Society

Una sociedad de “0” WatiosRoland Stulz´s presentation on the concept of the 2000 Watt society has inspired us all. It made us take distance from our daily activities and combats and realize that saving energy actually is the aim for all eco-builders.

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Gernot Minke shows interest in the posters of young researchers

Profesor Gernot Minke of the University of Kassel, who has  wide experience with “green roofs”, showed much interest in an investigation of a young engineer on this topic when he visited the poster exhibition on Tuesday.  This poster presented by Tamara Santana of the CUJAE, who has been investigating green roofs since 1998, showed their application in Cuba.Minke asked about different aspects of the design and application, but it was colleagues of Tamara who responded, as she just had a child in October.

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Estuardo QuispilloEstuardo Quispillo
Constructions technician
Expert in construction and operation of the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln, VSBK (HVC, Horno Vertical Contínuo)
Installation, training and setup of workshops of MicroConcrete Roofing tiles