Distributors – a link in the chain of commercialization

The distributors are an important link in the chain of commercialization, a point well-recognized by “Techofácil” in Ecuador. They know that attention to their distributors is as vital to success as is attention to their clients.

Thus, regular contact with distributors is part of the activities of the team at Techo Fácil. Diego Coloma visits all the distributors (mainly hardware stores) every two weeks to ensure that the tile displays are in order and that sufficient information is on hand. Usually the displays are placed next to displays of other roofing products, thereby increasing their visible presence in the market.

According to Diego, regular conversations with the distributors lead to ideas for improvement. Among the needs expressed by several is to increase publicity actions.

This coincides with some of the conclusions presented in the work of Jazmin Jara and Viviana Logroño, who analysed the market for MCR tiles in Riobamba, thereby receiving their degrees from the School of Marketing of the Polytechnic University of Chimborazo.

Although the displays draw attention to the tiles, it is the roofs that people have seen throughout the city that usually leads to the decision to buy MCR tiles. There is an attractive long-sloped roof built in 1996 that Techo Facil refers to as the “roof that sells tiles”.

The roofs themselves are a key element in how people come to know the product, as revealed in client surveys carried out in Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Well over half the clients interviewed said they came to know of the tiles by “seeing roofs”. In Ecuador it was 56% and in Guatemala as high as 78%.

Thus, the combination of good roofs, distribution channels, and quality products become essential ingredients for long-term success of a MCR enterprise.

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