Progress in formulating norms for earth constructions

Formulation of a "code of practice" for clay based structures began in Namibia in September. The "Habitat Research and Development Center" in the capital of Windhoek took the initiative, based upon the impact of the activities of the "Clay House Project" in Otjiwarongo, which has built more than 200 adobe houses during the past 10 years, and plans to build other 100 during the upcoming years. Olgalidia Jimenez, a Cuban cooperator who works in this center (HRDC), expects to have a first version of the codification ready for discussion in May of next year

As well, a work group to elaborate norms for construction of earth buildings has been created in Nicaragua. A first discussion round with authorities will be organized for April of 2007.

The EcoSur Network is actively providing consultancy in both activities.

Olgalidia Jiménez discutiendo con Peter Arndt del Clay House Project

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Pedro Seijo
Professor of Civil Engineering
Spanish, English
Teaching, ecomaterials workshop management, research (municipal waste)


In 2005, SofoNic has started a dual education program for masons in Nicaragua, using its house-building programs as a base. Teaming up with the local technical school in Jinotepe they are graduating about ten masons every year since. Most f them have found jobs in construction or have started a business on their own. SofoNic has contracted several of them as master masons in the reconstruction programs in Haiti.