Student workshop about EcoMaterials in house design

Taller estudiantil While some people believe that building with EcoMaterials leads to a rather typical architecture without variety of design, many committed architects think that building with EcoMaterials is the right path towards the dreamed of sustainability. More so, if one considers the people who will live in the houses, as well as the context of location, climate and culture, it is possible to design appropriate and attractive houses. Mixing these elements together with architectural creativity was the task taken on by 5 teams of students at the construction faculty of the UCLVduring a 21 day period of work.
Ociel Antonio Diaz Miño, Arq. Cuba.

Some people, including professionals in the construction scene, believe that building with EcoMaterials always leads towards a typical architecture, without formal, attractive expression, where achieving a variety in the design seems almost impossible. This erroneous idea accentuates in the case of social housing.

But still, lots of compromised architects think that building with EcoMaterials is the right way towards dreamed sustainability, even more if we take the people that will live in those houses, the context where there ubicated, the climate and culture into account, we can achieve a design for appropriate housing.

Mixing all this elements and adding the creativity of the architects it should be possible to create designs with a formal, interesting and varied expression. Precisely this was the objective of the students workshop developed during 21 days in the faculty of construction at the UCLV, in which 5 interested student teams participated.

First of all they where given a series of theory and specifications on the project during 4 conferences on the themes of: "EcoMaterials, ecological, economical and social sustainability" by Dr. Arq. Kurt Rhyner; "architecture and urbanization in social housing projects with the focus on sustainability" by Dr. Ing. Fernando Martirena; "SIPRET technology for roofs and floor slabs" by Ms. Juan Jose Dopico; "design vs. economies" by Arq. Ociel Diaz Miño;  "presentation for architects" by designer Sergio Alejandro.

Afterwards the project was created, characterized by being a discussion forum and a flow of creativity about the most convenient forms that could be achieved and integrated in the new houses, always looking for the most appropriate result.

Finally, the work was concentrated in the 3D modeling of the projects with the SketchUp Software and the presentations made in Adobe PhotShop, concluding in a high quality result.

Each team prepared two posters that where exposed during the III EcoMaterials Conference and at the V National Salon of Cuban Architecture, both events held in the City of Santa Clara where they found great acceptation from specialized participants.

To stimulate the quality of the works handed in, there was a competition held in which the winning team, composed by the students Alian Rodriguez and Carlos Gonzalez, won a scholarship to participate in the III EcoMaterials Conference.

The workshop was sponsored by the department of architecture of the UCLV (Universidad Central de las Villas), CIDEM (Centro de Investigacion y Desarollo de Estructuras y Materiales) and the UNAICC (Union Nacional de Arquitectos e Ingenieros de la Construccion de Cuba).





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