News - September 2003 (II)

Community center respects traditional materials
The community of Molobog, on the foothills of the Chimborazo Volcano, recently terminated the construction of a community center. With foundations of rocks and cement, walls of adobe, and a roof of Micro Concrete Roofing tiles, a model has been made that will be replicated in the construction of their houses. They have respected the customs and traditional materials, but have improved the construction techniques to improve security in cases of earthquakes.

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Laboratory for quality control of MCR tiles
Quality control of tiles is necessary in order to have a good product. ECOSouth encourages producers to carry out several basic tests, such as load bearing, impact, correct form, impermeability. Some larger workshops, such as Ecomaterials in Nicaragua, even have a separate “laboratory” and a person engaged to carry out the tests.

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Pan y Arte honored
An honor and pleasure goes to Pan y Arte as its director of the Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, Nicaragua, received the renowned “Eduard-Ploer-Preis” for Development Cooperation in Austria. The jury drew attention to the initiative and personal engagement of Dieter Stadler in the construction of the new settlement of Malacatoya. Well-known Austrian actor, Dietmar Schönherr, (right) who founded Pan y Arte and the Casa de los Tres Mundos, as a means of bringing culture to the Nicaraguan people, appears together with the award winner.

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Estuardo QuispilloEstuardo Quispillo
Constructions technician
Expert in construction and operation of the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln, VSBK (HVC, Horno Vertical Contínuo)
Installation, training and setup of workshops of MicroConcrete Roofing tiles


Teja de MicroConcreto
MicroConcrete Roofing Tile machine
The tevi model TM5 may works with a 12V inverter or with solar panels or a car batery, by itself. A well trained, 2-people team, can produce up to 350 tiles per day
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