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EcoMaterials in the World Urban Forum

World Urban Forum

As a partner of the Agenda Habitat, EcoSur will show at the World Urban Forum its experience in social housing programs who are looking for durable, economical and formal solutions. Specialists from Nicaragua and Switzerland will present technologies with cement based concrete, minimizing its consumption and maximizing quality in the final product, it is, the house.

The World Urban Forum (WUF) is a non-legislative technical forum convened by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), hosted in a different city every two years, to examine the most pressing issues facing the world today in the area of human settlements, including rapid urbanization and its impact on cities, communities, economies, climate change and policies. It is the World’s Premier Conference on Cities.

In the line of work of EcoMaterials, the presentation in Medellin will emphasize the experience of EcoSur of using two products that can be manufactured in small workshops, with a minimum investment and equipment, with unskilled labor. These workshops are inexpensive and simple, and can be installed and running quickly after a disaster to start building shelters, housing reconstruction with local workforce, thus, creating jobs.

Casa con Paneles de FerroCemento y cubierta de Teja de MicroConcreto
House with FerroCement Panels walls and MicroConcrete Roofing tiles, Jinotepe, Nicaragua

Ferrocement Panels are an option for fast assembly of housing without the need of complicated mechanical equipment. They are preferred for situations where time is essential, specifically in post-disaster situations (see "Ferrocement for quick actions after a disaster").

The MicroConcrete Roofing tiles are an elegant alternative roof cladding for light roofs, with high resistance to hurricanes (see "Hurricane-proof roofs").

Also,references will be made to investigations and applications of alternative cements on the base of lime-puzzolana and the partial substitution of klinker by metacaolin.

The EcoSur network counts on almos three decades of experience with those technologies in several countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa.The presentation will be held in Spanish.

If you need more information, dates and  agenda, please check the WUF website.

casas tejas 001

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Kurt RhynerKurt Rhyner
Architect, PhD. Professor
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Teja de MicroConcreto
MicroConcrete Roofing Tile machine
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