Ferro10: International Symposium on FerroCement

Simposio Internacional de FerroCemento

In Octobre 2012,  some 150 participants from 28 countries  met during three days at the International Symposium on Ferrocement (Ferro X) in the Convention Palace in Havanna, proceeded by a series of  classes with renowned international specialists at the University. 

By Sergio Moraga

Hugo Wainshtok, the organising president, remarked that several people who attended the 4th sypmposium in Havanna 21 years ago, now are representing the elite of the ferrocement community, among them Dr. Ing. Antonie E. Naaman (USA, President International Ferrocement  Society),  Pelmusalmany Balaguru and Hani Nassif (USA, New Jersey Institute of Technology); Arch. Mario Moscoso (Bolivia, Universidad San Simón) ; Ing. Paul Nedwell (Gran Bretaña); Ing. Daniel Bedonya (Universidad  Nacional de Colombia). They were received with great applause by the plenary that included the Minister of construction of Cuba.

The presentations included a wide spectrum of themes, divided in sections of scientific investigations, structural design including seismic design, durability and corrosion, architectural design, new materials and new applications. Architects and Engineers coincided in stressing the versatility of applications for ferrocement, including complex large structures and simple applications in social housing, achieving significant reductions in cost, energy use and with a large potential to work in harmony with nature.

The EcoSur network was present as a promoter of the event and with several members (Fernando Martirena, Kurt Rhyner, Marcelino Castro, Sergio Moraga, Pedro Galiano) presenting their investigations and applications in Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti.

Representantes de Red EcoSur en el Simposio Internacional de FerroCemento

At the closing ceremony it awas announced that our network colleague Hugo Wainshtok had been elected as president of the International Ferrocement Society, and that the next symposium will be held in Aachen (Germany) in June 2015

All papers were published in a book which can be downloaded here:

Simposio Internacional de FerroCemento

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Diego Coloma
Diego Coloma MachadoEcuadorean
Mechanic technician
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Installation, training and setup of workshops: MicroConcrete Roofing tiles, Puzzolanic cement, concrete precasts.



In 2005, SofoNic has started a dual education program for masons in Nicaragua, using its house-building programs as a base. Teaming up with the local technical school in Jinotepe they are graduating about ten masons every year since. Most f them have found jobs in construction or have started a business on their own. SofoNic has contracted several of them as master masons in the reconstruction programs in Haiti.