EcoSur tests open source programs

At the headquarters of EcoSur Nicaraga, young architects are learning how to use open source programs for their 3D architectural designs. 
Use of these programs responds to the "open source" philosophy that theEcoSur Network maintains with its technologies: for example MicroConcrete Roofing technology is shared with all the little secrets that make a business successful. A small entrepreneur develops little secrets in the fabrication, commercialization, roof structures....and... shares them through the EcoSur Network with other producers, and at regional and international EcoMaterials conferences.

Such knowledge sharing strengthens south-south interchange and the technological sovereignty of developing countries.

At the EcoSur Network in Nicaragua, 11 architects and engineers have begun to use open source programs, such as QCAD ( for 2D design, y Blender ( for 3D and architectonic presentations.




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Marcos MacancheMarcos Macanche
Spanish, some english
Architectural design, project implementation and management, EcoMaterials production


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