Edition #18, January 2006

Technical sheets: "Otji" toilet


Peter Arndt
Peter Arndt
EcoSouth has published various technical sheets about EcoTechnologies and EcoMaterials and with each update will introduce one into the website. The first focuses upon dry toilets, a theme that drew much attention during EcoMaterials 2005 when Peter Arndt presented his experiences. Because of the scarcity of water in the extremely dry environment of Namibia, the Clay House Project in Otjiwarongo has experimented with advanced dry toilet designs that are found on the market. It has simplified them to the point that they are not only affordable, but also can be easily cleaned.


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Successful connection of science with practice

EcoMateriales 2005: Combinación éxitosa de la ciencia con la prácticaScience and practice, two faces of the dialectic in all human endeavors that seek the social and economic development of thousands of people, strolled together through the halls of the Bolivar Convention Center in Santa Clara during EcoMaterials 2005.. This international conference is a forums of great dimension in the field of ecological construction. The space for discussion and analysis, and direct interchange among academics, scientists and technician again yielded its fruits. The theme of the conference, connecting science with practice, is presented in the article.

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Of earth and dance

The earth seminar in Havana was not only about earth constructions, but also about international dances adapted to the Cuban Son. During the closing evening of the seminar at the restaurant La Ferminia, under the effects of two intensive days of work, a few beers, a delicious meal and the incomparable Cuban music, even the most reserved dancers got up and moved their feet and hips to the sounds of delightful rhythms. A course on the special Cuban handkerchief dance for the male participants from more than eight countries, caused certain sensation because of its simplicity, its possibilities for practical appliance and its attraction for the female participants. The exclusive performance of the five voice group, CecatSamplin, had a great impact with its only melody, DO-RE-MI, and all left the restaurant in a conga line.

De tierra y baile

First "Building with Earth" Workshop

Seminario de Tierra

At the II International EcoMaterials Conference in 2001, participants formulated the task of preparing and realizing an academic event on construction with earth. Toward this end, a workshop was held November 11-12, at CECAT (Center of Studies for Construction and Tropical Architecture) at the CUJAE (Polytechnical University) inf Havana. Four workspaces where created around the themes of adobe, rammed earth and other technologies, compressed earth blocks, and norms for constructions with earth. The participants were asked to associate their reflections with the Millenium Agenda, which meant focusing upon "sustainable development" and the "fight against poverty".

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Translation team well prepared

ImageIt was an engaged team that carried out the simultaneous translation for EcoMaterials 2005. Even at the opening reception they were busily meeting people to get to know their voices and made special efforts to accustom themselves to the accents of the English speakers from outside North America. They familiarized themselves with the technical words and phrases that they had gleaned from their studies of the abstracts and asked for clarifications beforehand. They asked that speakers talk at a moderate rhythm and while most did comply, they were also able to translate the words of those who could not slow their pace. Their clear ability with the conference languages, Spanish and English, enabled the participants to benefit from and enjoy the presentations and enrich their body of knowledge.

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Marcos MacancheMarcos Macanche
Spanish, some english
Architectural design, project implementation and management, EcoMaterials production


Horno  Vertical Contínuo

Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln - VSBK unloading mechanism
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