Price of the MicroConcret Roof Tile production unit

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The price of all the equipment to start producing MCR is US$4,745,oo plus shipping and customs fees in your country. The MCR production unit is 5 boxes weighting 286 kg.

The technology, the "know how" of making tiles is included in the price of each MCR production machine. You only need Portland cement, water and sand. There are MCR workshops in Africa, Central America and South America were you can attend the training to start producing MCR tiles. Or, one of the ECOSouth instructors can travel to you place to give you all the training you might need. All the know how is included in the MCR package, including th training, but NOT air tickets and expenses of the person giving the training.

The MCR production unit comes ready to produce: Roman tile, ridge tile, verge tile at 90º and mini vaults for floor slabs. Please take a look at:

You can see some videos here:

12.5 Units of MCR tile covers an square meter. Each tile weights 2,30 Kg (5.06 pounds).

The package includes everithyng you might need to start the production, including plastic sheets, 200 moulds, spare parts, trowel for the roman tiles and verge/ridge tiles.

  • Please, contact us for availability and more information
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Víctor Martínez
Civil Engineer
MCR tiles, instruction, quality control, project management.


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