How to produce MCR?

It looks easy – and it is! With the right equipment and the right know how, just about anybody can produce good tiles, IF they stick to the rules and work carefully!

It is not hard work nor does it require skills that cannot be learned by most people. But, don’t make the error of wanting to “invent the wheel”. MCR is a well developed technology with production guidelines, norms and standards, and shortcuts in the know-how transfer are usually paid dearly with low productivity and mediocre quality.

The minimum infrastructure needed is a roof, a small storage area for cement and tools, a water tank to cure the tiles and, of course, a small yard to store sand and the finished tiles. Some people producing in their backyard have invested less than $US 500 for infrastructure.

Only good equipment will produce perfect tiles. While there are several producers of equipment, according to a neutral survey by the “Roofing Advisory Service” of BASIN (Building Advisory Service Information Network), “tevi” is the best quality equipment, as well as the lowest priced of those recommended. It is the moulds that are decisive for the shape of the tiles and, therefore, for a tight fit on the roof.

The vibrating table has to be well graduated and permit exact preparation of the tiles. Equipment is an investment and cutting costs here often turns out to be more expensive at the end. While the network recommends Latin American made “tevi”, it provides advice and other services to any producer.

Know-how transfer is much more than mere training. It must include education about the basics of the technology and concentrate on optimal use of raw materials, maintenance of equipment and efficiency of production. The owner or manager must understand how to implement all quality checks, know the applicable standards and master price calculations. He also has to be able to assist potential customers and their carpenters in laying the roofs. And, very important: He has to know how to sell! Several qualified experts of our network are available for such know-how transfer.

Quality Control Systems are very important for us, and our partners have to make efforts to serve their customers well. All producers are encouraged to assess their own performance and we like to test their tiles and workshop whenever possible. EcoSouth grants Certificates of Quality to producers that pass the quality evaluation.

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